Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Babylist = The Bomb Dot Com

I'm starting to get a lot of people asking what I want/need for baby number two and so far I've been responding with "Oh, nothing."  Until last week when I started writing out a list of things that I'll need to buy before baby comes and I was shocked at how long the list was!  I came across and decided to create a list of my own for my family and friends to check out.  Since I'm not having another shower (even if I did it would be a small sprinkle with just the fam) it's a great place to direct people when they ask what I need!

I really wanted to share because I think this site is the shit, it's like Pinterest but better ;)  I totally recommend any of my pregnant or soon to be pregnant friends utilizing this site!  If you already have a registry started somewhere else, don't fret, you can upload your registry to your babylist account. You can add any product from any website (it automatically offers a list of other websites that carry the product and the compared prices) and it allows your guests to choose where they want to buy it.  They just Reserve what they want to buy and then after they've bought it, they mark that it was purchased and Boom-Done! Anyways, totally worth checking out!

Here is the link to my list  There isn't much "fun" stuff to buy like cute clothes but everything on it is things I'll actually need.

I came across this picture of The Dude last week, it's so hard to imagine him this small anymore.  Ben, Charlie and I spent a good amount of time watching old video clips from when Charlie was a baby the other day.  All three of us were dying laughing (some even made me want to cry he was so cute) but they ultimately got us even more pumped up to have another little one to add to our family.  In case I haven't said it enough, I'm so excited!!