Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Easter 2015

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!  We colored our Easter eggs last week with Ben's family at a little Easter party they have every year.  Charlie was a much bigger help this year than last.  He would slowly lower the eggs in the dye and say "Be very careful, Mama. Ok, are they done!?"  No, Charlie you just put them in. haha  We finished them up when we got home and I think they turn out so cute this year!  I even added an extra little egg for our littlest Reeder:)

Charlie developed a bit of a cold this weekend so by Easter Sunday he wasn't quite feeling himself. BUT it wasn't anything a little visit from the Easter Bunny couldn't cure!  

We spent our morning playing with our Easter goodies and chasing a runny nose and then we were off to make our rounds with our families.

 If this bunny ears, tail and boxer brief combo isn't the cutest thing ever then I don't even know what is!

And since the Bunny finds his way to all our families houses he got a special delivery at all three of our stops yesterday!  What a lucky Dude.

In other Charlie Beau news, he has officially declared that he wants a baby brother and would like to name him Tarzan! Ha!  Hope everyone has a great week! XOXO