Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wives Tale Gender Predictions

I thought it would be fun to round up some of the most common wives tales and see how they compare to this pregnancy.  Enjoy!

Bump Height: Boy
Even though my bump doesn't look low, I'm carrying this baby sooo low.  All of the baby's kicks and rolls are happening way below my bellybutton.  I'm really feeling pressure down there way earlier than I did with the Dude.

Mom's Complexion: Boy
Although I'm not feeling extra pretty, my complexion has been good.  I don't have any more blemishes than usual and some days I even feel the "glow".

Baby's Heart rate: Girl
They say anything over 140 is a girl.  Baby #2 started at 166 and has been holding steady in the 150's.  Charlie held steady in the 150's too, so we shall see.

Cravings- Salty or Sweet: Girl
This pregnancy I'm craving ice cream and candy as opposed to last time, all I wanted was pickles and pickle juice.

Chinese Calendar: Boy

1st Trimester Morning Sickness: Girl
Weeks 1-13 I was miserable!

Mayan Calendar: Girl

Gender Dreams: Girl
This wives tale is reversed.  If you dream of a girl then it's a boy and vice versa. I have had two dreams so far about this little baby.  In both of my dreams it was a boy.  When I was pregnant with Charlie, I had one baby dream about a little girl.

Moodiness: Boy
My moodiness has been nothing out of the ordinary.  I've been pretty happy throughout this pregnancy.  Even more so than my last and even during the first trimester when I was sicker than a dog.

Mom's Gut Feeling: Girl
My gut feeling is mostly based on my comparison to being pregnant with Charlie.  When I found out I was pregnant with Charlie my gut was that he was a girl and then during the last trimester I changed my mind and just knew he was a boy.  This time around, the whole pregnancy I've thought it was a boy but all of a sudden (now that it's time to put it in writing) I feel like it's a girl.

Dad's Gut Feeling: Girl
Ben thinks girl too.  He felt the same way when I was pregnant with Charlie though so we'll see!!

Increased Headaches: Boy
I've definitely had increased headaches throughout this pregnancy.  Mostly from my sinuses but a lot more headaches none the less.

So, what do you think baby #2 is?!?!

Happy last day of April, friends! The Dude is ready for some warm weather- bring it!!