Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Hospital Bag: What I'll be taking to and from the hospital

I'm totally in "nesting" mode right now and since I've already got my baby space ready i.e. crib up, clothes washed and put away, changing area organized.   I'm already thinking of getting my hospital bag together and putting the baby's car seat in the car!  Too soon? Oh, well.  Here is my roundup of what I'm bringing to the hospital...
My list this time around is sooo different from when I packed for the hospital with Charlie, it's almost comical.  I literally stuffed a large sized suitcase full of everything but the kitchen sink.  I had packed like I was taking a week vacation and never ending up using one thing!  And the even funnier part was what I packed to bring the dude home in...  

He was born the end of November so naturally I thought it would be chilly, along with a shit ton of clothes, booties, mittens and hats, I brought the cutest little white winter layette to bring baby home in.  I was so excited to put him in the damn thing that I didn't even realize how big it was on him or the fact that it was a way warmer day than I had expected. (I just Googled the weather for the day we brought him home) 60 degrees out and I was bundling the dude up in a snow suit big enough for a 3 month old!  

I even tried putting him in the car seat like this but I couldn't get him buckled in with it on so I came to my senses and opted for just the long sleeve onesie he had on underneath and a blanket. 
Anyways, this time I plan to bring just a weekender bag with only the essentials.  You live and you learn, right?!

I also wanted to put together a list of things from the hospital I'll be snagging on my way out but I realized that it will be literally EVERYTHING!  And by everything I mean everything.  From those mesh underwear to the breast pump compatible bottles to diapers and pacifiers, I'll be taking it all.
The trick is to pack away everything you didn't use at the end of each day so your nurse restocks it for you the next day.  Then on your last day you ask for extras to take home.  This was the best advise that I had gotten from when I was pregnant with Charlie. 

T-8 weeks!
Hope everyone has a nice long and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!

Monday, May 11, 2015

30 and 30!

You guys!  This month marks a 30 week Bumpdate and a 30 month update for the dude!  How Ironic and fun! 

How far along? 30 weeks
Total weight gain/loss?  18 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Yes, all of my pants are maternity.
Stretch marks?  No
Sleep? Sleep is still pretty good!

Best moment this week?  Charlie is really starting to grasp the idea that a baby is in my belly and soon we will have a baby at home with us!  I've gotten some of our gear out like the infant car seat, Charlie is sure to tell everyone "That's the baby's chair!"     
Miss Anything?  Now that the weather is so nice I'm craving cocktails! 
Movement? Yes, big time movement!  Big alien like rolls and pushes. 

Food cravings?  Yes, craving food in general. I feel like I'm always hungry these days.
Anything making you queasy or sick? No, I feel really good!   
Have you started to show yet? Yes!
Gender? Pink or Blue, either will do.  As long as babe is healthy, that's all that matters.

Labor Signs? No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? Is lazy and tired a mood?
Looking forward to? Our maternity photos at the end of the month, The Rolling Stones concert and being in the single digit weeks countdown!  9 weeks left!

Is growing so fast both physically and mentally.  He is getting taller and starting to lose his baby weight.  His energy level is through the roof and his personality is as sweet as can be.  He is our little sidekick, wanting to do and help with everything.  In the mornings he asks "Can I come to work too?" and in the evenings he wants to know "Can I help make dinner!?".  Every morning when we ask what he wants for breakfast he responds "Milk and chicken and dinner!" every single time, it's so funny!  
Ever since he stopped wearing diapers I don't get him dressed on his changing table anymore. Instead, I sit on the floor and let him step in to his clothes.  This makes him just a little taller than me while I'm on the floor so while he is stepping in to his underwear or pants he makes sure to give me a kiss on either my forehead or top of my head.  Sometimes he says "I love you, Mama." or sometimes he'll say " You're the best Mama in the world!"  I don't know where he got it from but it never gets old and always makes me tear up.  
He is not a picky eater, he'll pretty much try anything we put on his plate which makes meal time super easy!  His favorites are fruit, carrots, salad, any kind of meat, smoothies and hummus.  
He loves being chased, playing hide and seek, wrestling around with Ben and looking for ants and insects outside.  We recently have been finding stink bugs in our apt. so we catch them and before we throw them outside he yells "Go home bugs!".  He loves reading books before bed and is now memorizing some of his favorite books. He loves to sing songs, knows the alphabet very well and counts to 20 with ease.
He is smart, funny and makes being a mom so pleasurable and rewarding.  He is going to be the best big brother, I just know it.

"You're the best little boy in the world, Charlie.  I love you so much!"

Hope everyone had happy Mother's Day! XOXO

Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Little Fish + Little Gym

We are right in the middle of our 5 week K.I.S.S. swim lessons.  We ended up having to push it back several weeks due to the cold he had over Easter.  Even though I had been planning on posting a swim class update this week I totally thought I'd be writing about how bad Charlie hates it and ironically it's quite the opposite!  Charlie had zero confidence when it came to being in the water, he had never even put his head underwater before this so for the first couple sessions I'll admit he cried (and even hit the instructor once) through the whole class.  It was weird though because when we would get there he was very eager to get in the water.  He would then cry the whole time he was in the water but then as soon as he got out he was asking when he could get back in.  Bizarre.  This week however, we totally turned the corner!  Nothing but excitement from start to finish which is making it much easier for him to follow instruction and actually learn the tools and techniques the instructor is trying to teach!  So far he has learned how to not cry keep his mouth closed to go underwater, keep his arms straight out like super man underwater (instead of doggy paddling which is no bueno in their book) and the most recent is learning how to float on his back.  I can't put into words how proud I am of my little swimmer.  When he knows he did something good he'll look over to make sure I saw and I shoot him the thumbs up.  To see him overcome his fear just makes my heart beam with pride!

Here's a short clip too!

Charlie is also LOVING The Little Gym,  he recently just started telling Ben and I that he wants to live there. Ha!  And every time we get in the car he asks "We're going to Little Gym, right Mama?" lol

 Also, thank you to everyone who checked out our babylist!  Ben and I were so excited and grateful to see things already purchased!  T- (or +) 76 days until we meet our baby!   And for the record we have only one person who thinks it's a boy, all other votes thus far are team pink.