Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Hospital Bag: What I'll be taking to and from the hospital

I'm totally in "nesting" mode right now and since I've already got my baby space ready i.e. crib up, clothes washed and put away, changing area organized.   I'm already thinking of getting my hospital bag together and putting the baby's car seat in the car!  Too soon? Oh, well.  Here is my roundup of what I'm bringing to the hospital...
My list this time around is sooo different from when I packed for the hospital with Charlie, it's almost comical.  I literally stuffed a large sized suitcase full of everything but the kitchen sink.  I had packed like I was taking a week vacation and never ending up using one thing!  And the even funnier part was what I packed to bring the dude home in...  

He was born the end of November so naturally I thought it would be chilly, along with a shit ton of clothes, booties, mittens and hats, I brought the cutest little white winter layette to bring baby home in.  I was so excited to put him in the damn thing that I didn't even realize how big it was on him or the fact that it was a way warmer day than I had expected. (I just Googled the weather for the day we brought him home) 60 degrees out and I was bundling the dude up in a snow suit big enough for a 3 month old!  

I even tried putting him in the car seat like this but I couldn't get him buckled in with it on so I came to my senses and opted for just the long sleeve onesie he had on underneath and a blanket. 
Anyways, this time I plan to bring just a weekender bag with only the essentials.  You live and you learn, right?!

I also wanted to put together a list of things from the hospital I'll be snagging on my way out but I realized that it will be literally EVERYTHING!  And by everything I mean everything.  From those mesh underwear to the breast pump compatible bottles to diapers and pacifiers, I'll be taking it all.
The trick is to pack away everything you didn't use at the end of each day so your nurse restocks it for you the next day.  Then on your last day you ask for extras to take home.  This was the best advise that I had gotten from when I was pregnant with Charlie. 

T-8 weeks!
Hope everyone has a nice long and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!