Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Little Fish + Little Gym

We are right in the middle of our 5 week K.I.S.S. swim lessons.  We ended up having to push it back several weeks due to the cold he had over Easter.  Even though I had been planning on posting a swim class update this week I totally thought I'd be writing about how bad Charlie hates it and ironically it's quite the opposite!  Charlie had zero confidence when it came to being in the water, he had never even put his head underwater before this so for the first couple sessions I'll admit he cried (and even hit the instructor once) through the whole class.  It was weird though because when we would get there he was very eager to get in the water.  He would then cry the whole time he was in the water but then as soon as he got out he was asking when he could get back in.  Bizarre.  This week however, we totally turned the corner!  Nothing but excitement from start to finish which is making it much easier for him to follow instruction and actually learn the tools and techniques the instructor is trying to teach!  So far he has learned how to not cry keep his mouth closed to go underwater, keep his arms straight out like super man underwater (instead of doggy paddling which is no bueno in their book) and the most recent is learning how to float on his back.  I can't put into words how proud I am of my little swimmer.  When he knows he did something good he'll look over to make sure I saw and I shoot him the thumbs up.  To see him overcome his fear just makes my heart beam with pride!

Here's a short clip too!

Charlie is also LOVING The Little Gym,  he recently just started telling Ben and I that he wants to live there. Ha!  And every time we get in the car he asks "We're going to Little Gym, right Mama?" lol

 Also, thank you to everyone who checked out our babylist!  Ben and I were so excited and grateful to see things already purchased!  T- (or +) 76 days until we meet our baby!   And for the record we have only one person who thinks it's a boy, all other votes thus far are team pink.