Tuesday, June 23, 2015

3rd Trimester Favs

My doctor told me this morning that she thinks I'll have the littlest Reeder at least 10 days early.  So for now I'm just trying to get my mind right and wrap my head around the fact that #2 could be here in 3 weeks or less.  With that in mind I thought now would be a good time to share my 3rd trimester can't live with outs before my 3rd trimester disappears!

Just a few things worth mentioning...The Shimmering Body Souffle is not replacing my daily coconut oil.  I just use this on my arms, legs and even my face and décolletage.  It doesn't feel greasy at all and adds a nice brightening effect to my skin. 
These past couple weeks, by the end of the day my feet are feeling pretty tired and some nights they swell a bit.  I love using my Yoga Toes to separate my toes while I prop them up.  It just feels so good after having them crammed in heels all day. 
For any of my pregnant or soon to be pregnant friends, if you haven't heard of Fre Wine and Champagne- You're Welcome!

I had my last ultrasound this morning.  The ultrasound tech gushed over babies big lips and full head of hair.  I posted a picture below of baby's face (I can only make out the lips and nose though) but I must worn you my doctors office uses a machine from the 80's, I swear, and the pictures are never good quality and hard to make out.  Baby is healthy, weighting around 6.5 lbs and heartbeat was at 141.

After rescheduling our family photos and then postponing them because of these gloomy rainy days we finally dodged the rain and were able to take them last Friday;)  I am excited to see them and share a few hopefully next week!

Until then, hope everyone has a great week/weekend!!
T- 4 weeks, maybe:)

Monday, June 15, 2015

New Baby Gear Part 1

Since Charlie was born there have been so many new products or maybe not new but products I just wasn't aware of.  I thought it would be fun to choose 5 new products I have for baby number two and then report back after baby comes with a Part 2 on whether or not they were worth the purchase.  Either way I'm super pumped to use them!

Zoë b organic sleepy hat-  This hat is not only so cute but also super functional.  When baby's awake the little eyes can be flipped up and when sleeping you can flip them down over their eyes like a little sleep mask to block out light.  Seems like such a great idea and I can't wait to see if it helps little baby Reeder catch some deep zzz's!

Mamaroo seat-  So I really didn't need this because I do have this Rock N' Play Sleeper and this Bouncer but these 4moms seats have been all the rage these past two years and I really really wanted to try one!  I'm in serious love with my Rock N' Play because Charlie slept very well in it so we'll see if the Mamaroo stands up to it.  P.S. They're 20% off right now plus free shipping!

Wrap Carrier-  I've never done the whole baby wearing thing but I hear it's a real game changer especially if you have more than one kid.  Since I'm not sure if baby wearing is for me or not I went with this cheaper (and looks way easier) JJ Cole wrap to start with.  If you are an avid baby wearer, I hear the Solly Baby Wraps are the best of the best :) 

Covered Goods Multi- Use Nursing Cover-  This product is the one I'm most excited to try!  It has 4 different uses.  A nursing cover, car seat cover, shopping cart cover and infinity scarf.  I plan to mostly use it as a car seat cover.  Since this babe will be here smack dab in the middle of summer I needed something more light weight than my Carseat Canopy that I used with Charlie.

Un-traditional diaper bag-  I saw a pin on Pinterest where they had used a Michael Kors Large Jet Set Travel Tote as a diaper bag.  I ironically had just gotten the same one a few months earlier that I was planning to use as my summer purse but when I saw the pin I decided to hold off and use it as a diaper bag.  It's very large so it seems like a fantastic (and stylish) idea if you ask me!  I mean who says a diaper bag has to be a diaper bag, right?!

Anyone else's kid obsessed with your baby bump?  Charlie loves to talk to, tickle, kiss and snuggle with Mama's "big belly!".  His favorite is to talk into my belly button like it's a microphone to the baby.  He yells "Helloooooo, anybody in there?"  So funny:)

T- 5 weeks!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

34 Weeks Bumpdate

How far along? 34 weeks
Total weight gain/loss?  23 lbs. Feeling large and in charge!
Maternity clothes? Yes, I recently bought a few dresses like this one and this one which are definitely the most comfortable to wear at this point.  I like not having to think about putting together an outfit and just throwing on a cute dress.
Stretch marks?  No
Sleep? I get so hot at night and am waking up more frequently but sleep is still pretty good.
Miss Anything?  My non-pregnant body and my non-pregnancy brain. 
Movement? Lot's O' movement!  This babe is way more active in utero than Charlie was.   

Food cravings?  Have I mention coffee and cocktails?!?
Anything making you queasy or sick? No, I feel really good but I am starting to feel some hip and pelvic pain.  
Have you started to show yet? Yes!
Gender? He or she, we can't wait to see!

Labor Signs? I think I felt a Braxton Hicks contraction last week.
Belly Button in or out? In but I swear it could pop out at any second :)
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? Aside from some overwhelming emotions a few weeks ago when Charlie had his accident my mood has been happy.
Looking forward to? Our maternity photos we rescheduled for next week! And planning get togethers with friends before baby comes.  AND I just got news that my BF is flying in from Nashville the first part of August to meet the babe!  

In Charlie Beau news, Ben has been working with him on his right and left for awhile now and he is grasping the concept!  When you ask for him to show you his right or left hand he shows the correct one. Also, if you ask him to show you his right ear for example he knows to turn his head to the left to show it. Baby genius:)  Last night while tucking him into bed we were talking about his day and our plans for the next day.  I told him "Tomorrow you get to play in the sprinkler at Grandma's house!"  He replied "I like the sprinkler.  Did you like the sprinkler when you where a little boy?"  Ha!  Totally contradicts my baby genius comment!

In total Mom Fail news, Ben and I never swear around the Dude.  We try not to swear even when we aren't around the Dude but this morning I went to turn my camera on for Ben to snap a quick bump picture for today's post.  I turned it on and the battery went dead immediately shutting off. I yelled Mother F*&%er! Sure enough, Charlie comes flying around the corner yelling Mother F*&%er!  Agh, both Ben and I had to quickly turn around to hide our laughter. wha wha

T- 6 weeks!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


So I purposely took last week off, from work and blogging... Two weeks ago Charlie was playing on my mom's neighbors swing set, he was running across one of those wooden wobbly bridges, tripped and bashed his face into the corner of it resulting in two nasty vertical gashes in his forehead where he had to get 13 stitches along with other scrapes, bruises and a fat lip.  I'm not going to post any pictures of it or really talk anymore about beside that it was a traumatic experience for all of us.  I was sick over it, didn't tell anyone about it because every time I tried to I would cry and ended up taking last week off just to be with him and do some fun stuff like Thomas The Train to get our minds off things.  The good news is he is healing very quickly, in good spirits and the scaring will be less than what we originally anticipated. He was unable to finish his last swimming class and we also had to push our family photos back to later this month but we and things are starting to feel normal again.  I'm just thankful that he is ok, things can always be worse so thank goodness it wasn't. 
P.S. Thomas was fun but not worth the $36 that we would have paid.  My sister works for Boston Mills so luckily we got free tickets.  Sorry for only sharing one picture, it's the only one that doesn't show his boo boo's :(  I just don't feel like sharing those right now.

On a more upbeat note, my last doctors appointment went well.  I passed my glucose test and got my 1st round of Rhogam shots. For anyone wondering what Rhogam shots are... My blood type (O-) is rare, I believe my doc said only 7% of the worlds population have it and since we can't find out what my baby's blood type is I get to go through a process where they draw my blood and with it make a special shot that I have to get around 30 weeks. The antibodies in the shot protect against any Rh-positive red blood cells from the baby so my immune system wont think the baby is something foreign that shouldn't be there and try to attack it.  Does that make sense!?  Then after baby is born, depending on it's blood type I have to get another one.  Charlie has a negative blood type too so I didn't have to get the second one after I had him.  Anyways, baby is doing great and I'm still feeling really good!

Also, for those of you asking about our house progress, Ben and his dad did a lot of work clearing the property over Memorial Day weekend.  I'm so in love with it, especially now that summer is approaching.  The huge trees and greenery are breath taking!  I can't remember if I already said this or not but we did end up going with a custom builder instead of Schumacher and we also decided to go with a bigger floor plan.  We haven't picked out all our finishes yet but the builder plans on staking where the house will go this week.  Other than a few other things we still have to finalize like our septic fields and the water tables, things are slowly moving along.  It's very exciting for us! 

Lastly, I got to go to The Rolling Stones concert this weekend in Columbus. For those of you who know me know I'm super obsessed with them:) It was awesome!  Our seats were great but they were so far to the side of the stage that you couldn't see some portions of the front.  We could however see behind the stage and saw them as they were getting out of their limo bus to run backstage so as we were screaming for them Mick and Ronnie gave me a wave before entering the stage! BOOM! Another upside was that it wasn't very crowded where we were siting so we kept moving down closer to the stage as the show went on.  By the end of the night a security guard (who had a pregnant daughter also due in July) told us to go ahead and head down to the FRONT ROW!  I literally could have reached out and touched them when they came to our side of the stage!  They played my favorite song which I was so excited about because I had never seen them play it live before. It was so fun, definitely a night to remember!  I love the second picture, it sums up my excitement level (which was through the roof) the whole night! Haha!

T- 6 weeks!