Tuesday, June 23, 2015

3rd Trimester Favs

My doctor told me this morning that she thinks I'll have the littlest Reeder at least 10 days early.  So for now I'm just trying to get my mind right and wrap my head around the fact that #2 could be here in 3 weeks or less.  With that in mind I thought now would be a good time to share my 3rd trimester can't live with outs before my 3rd trimester disappears!

Just a few things worth mentioning...The Shimmering Body Souffle is not replacing my daily coconut oil.  I just use this on my arms, legs and even my face and d├ęcolletage.  It doesn't feel greasy at all and adds a nice brightening effect to my skin. 
These past couple weeks, by the end of the day my feet are feeling pretty tired and some nights they swell a bit.  I love using my Yoga Toes to separate my toes while I prop them up.  It just feels so good after having them crammed in heels all day. 
For any of my pregnant or soon to be pregnant friends, if you haven't heard of Fre Wine and Champagne- You're Welcome!

I had my last ultrasound this morning.  The ultrasound tech gushed over babies big lips and full head of hair.  I posted a picture below of baby's face (I can only make out the lips and nose though) but I must worn you my doctors office uses a machine from the 80's, I swear, and the pictures are never good quality and hard to make out.  Baby is healthy, weighting around 6.5 lbs and heartbeat was at 141.

After rescheduling our family photos and then postponing them because of these gloomy rainy days we finally dodged the rain and were able to take them last Friday;)  I am excited to see them and share a few hopefully next week!

Until then, hope everyone has a great week/weekend!!
T- 4 weeks, maybe:)