Monday, June 15, 2015

New Baby Gear Part 1

Since Charlie was born there have been so many new products or maybe not new but products I just wasn't aware of.  I thought it would be fun to choose 5 new products I have for baby number two and then report back after baby comes with a Part 2 on whether or not they were worth the purchase.  Either way I'm super pumped to use them!

ZoĆ« b organic sleepy hat-  This hat is not only so cute but also super functional.  When baby's awake the little eyes can be flipped up and when sleeping you can flip them down over their eyes like a little sleep mask to block out light.  Seems like such a great idea and I can't wait to see if it helps little baby Reeder catch some deep zzz's!

Mamaroo seat-  So I really didn't need this because I do have this Rock N' Play Sleeper and this Bouncer but these 4moms seats have been all the rage these past two years and I really really wanted to try one!  I'm in serious love with my Rock N' Play because Charlie slept very well in it so we'll see if the Mamaroo stands up to it.  P.S. They're 20% off right now plus free shipping!

Wrap Carrier-  I've never done the whole baby wearing thing but I hear it's a real game changer especially if you have more than one kid.  Since I'm not sure if baby wearing is for me or not I went with this cheaper (and looks way easier) JJ Cole wrap to start with.  If you are an avid baby wearer, I hear the Solly Baby Wraps are the best of the best :) 

Covered Goods Multi- Use Nursing Cover-  This product is the one I'm most excited to try!  It has 4 different uses.  A nursing cover, car seat cover, shopping cart cover and infinity scarf.  I plan to mostly use it as a car seat cover.  Since this babe will be here smack dab in the middle of summer I needed something more light weight than my Carseat Canopy that I used with Charlie.

Un-traditional diaper bag-  I saw a pin on Pinterest where they had used a Michael Kors Large Jet Set Travel Tote as a diaper bag.  I ironically had just gotten the same one a few months earlier that I was planning to use as my summer purse but when I saw the pin I decided to hold off and use it as a diaper bag.  It's very large so it seems like a fantastic (and stylish) idea if you ask me!  I mean who says a diaper bag has to be a diaper bag, right?!

Anyone else's kid obsessed with your baby bump?  Charlie loves to talk to, tickle, kiss and snuggle with Mama's "big belly!".  His favorite is to talk into my belly button like it's a microphone to the baby.  He yells "Helloooooo, anybody in there?"  So funny:)

T- 5 weeks!