Saturday, July 25, 2015

Introducing Mr. Bradford Coen Reeder

Everyone this is Brad, Brad this is everyone!! 
We are proud to announce another little boy has joined our family!  Brad was born on July 21st at 7:05 pm.  Weighing 8 pounds 13 ounces and 21 inches long. 

I thought for sure he was going to be a girl but I was more surprised at how big he was- almost a 9 pounder!!  Big boy but very thin with strawberry blonde hair which was also a surprise:) 

So far he has been a dream baby.  Very calm and quiet, which has made this transition that much easier.  This second time around has been so much better than the first, we feel more comfortable and relaxed and know what to expect.  I'm in a state of baby bliss right now:)  We are all just so in love with him!!

I'll be back soon with more pictures of big brother and little brother snuggles and Brad's birth story but for now we are just taking our time to get situated as a family of four!


Friday, July 17, 2015

Bump + Blog Update

It's baby week and still no baby.  At this point I'm just so antsy, everyday I wake up thinking this is the day and then I spend the rest of the day over analyzing every little thing.  I've been doing this every day for the past two weeks and I seriously need to stop because it's got me "on edge" all the time.  I just need to remember that the baby coming is imminent so I should relax and enjoy the ride.  Which is exactly what I intend to do from here on out.  On the bright side, I have been able to get a few extra things taken care of that I probably wouldn't have done had the baby come early.  I've gotten to stay at work and get a lot done for Ben, I put together a gift from the baby to Charlie, got a pedi, got some packing and cleaning done and have had more time to brainstorm boy middle names (which we still can't decide on).  I am also using this baby free time to get extra snuggles from Charlie and relax as much as I can!

I hope to be back blogging soon with news of our new babe, a new blog name since Charlie won't be the only star of the show, and hopefully a blog face lift! Until then, a throw back picture of our tiny, freshly hatched, baby Charlie:)

Stay tuned!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Life with Charlie Beau: A Day in Pictures

As life with one child is quickly coming to an end I thought I'd share a glimpse of a random day with just Charlie in pictures.  I'm going to miss these days with just my little dude.  Our days are pretty easy going and predictable with just one child but I'm excited to be adding to our family and I'm going to welcome our new baby and all the chaos that comes with open arms:)  Someone once told me that one child feels like one child and two feels like twenty.  It's about to be a party!

T-1 week!

Friday, July 10, 2015

38 Weeks Final Bumpdate!

It's no secret, I'm ready to have this baby- like yesterday.  I can't wait to get all this extra weight off and feel like a normal person again.  I can't wait to smell that new baby smell and kiss chubby baby cheeks!  I REALLY can't wait to snap my first picture of Charlie holding his  new little brother or sister.  So much to look forward to and I hope it all happens sooner than later!  Speaking of; my Dr. says I'm not progressing like she thought I would so the babe may not be here as early as we thought.  Oh well.

So here we are, my last Bumpdate:)

How far along?  38 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? 27 lbs. 
Maternity clothes? Yes
Stretch marks?  No
Sleep? Sleep is so so. My days catch up to me around 7pm and I'm so exhausted by then but I have trouble getting comfortable and falling asleep. 

Best moment this week? Really just soaking up all the quality time with Charlie as we can!
Movement? SO. MUCH. MOVEMENT.  Which is really surprising because it's getting pretty cramped in there!

Food cravings? Nothing really.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!
Have you started to show yet? Ha Ha
Gender? Tutus or Ties, it's a surprise!  

Labor Signs? Not really, starting to dilate and efface but have stayed the same these past two weeks so nothing to write home about yet.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? Bla, I'm over it.
Looking forward to? Can't wait to find out if we have a sweet baby boy or girl and what he or she looks like!  I love surprises and this one is definitely worth the wait!

I have the baby's coming home outfit ready to go!  This Hello onesie is the teeny tinniest little thing!

And I'm trying not to be "that mom" but I also have Charlie and baby's first matching outfit all teed up!  Can't wait to share!

T-2 weeks!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Maternity Family Photos

Good Morning July and happy birth month to our little baby Reeder!  I am so excited to meet you, hold you, kiss you and snuggle you!  Your big brother Charlie wants a little brother to play with and has also decided your name should no longer be Tarzan.  He would like it to be Charlie, same as his.   I know every child is their own person and I shouldn't compare but boy or girl, I hope you are as sweet as your big brother.  I have a feeling though, you're going to give us a run for our money!

Here are a few photos from our family pictures we took a couple weeks ago!  Thank you to our amazing photographer, Abby Photo Design!  She has been helping us document our story from the day we got married and we just love her!

T- 3 weeks!