Friday, August 28, 2015

Newborn photos

I'm super excited to share B-rad's newborn photos!  He was pretty pissed and cried for most of the shoot:( It was hot out, he was hungry, the sun was in his eyes and we were trying to squish him into an undersized basket but I was pleasantly surprised at how alarmingly adorable they turned out!! What a true testament to how awesome our photographer is (and it also helps that I have the cutest kids ever)!
Charlie's bro snug game is strong and the ones of them together, 
especially the closeup of him kissing Brad's forehead just melts my heart!  Here are a few of my favorites sans the ones I'm going to use for his birth announcements!  Enjoy!

I can't wait to get some of these along with Charlie's newborn photos on canvases to display!!


Saturday, August 22, 2015

One Month of Rad Brad

Our littlest is one month old and really not so little anymore!  He is wearing clothes that Charlie wore when he was two and three months old!  When we took him to his wellness appointment at two weeks he was 9 lbs. and since his next appointment isn't until next Friday I'm not sure how much he weighs now but I bet he's a solid 10 lbs. maybe 11! Or 12, who knows!

Brad loves to be held all the time which is both a blessing and a curse for obvious reasons.  I love all the snuggles but it makes things a little harder to get done!  Other than that we have another very laid back little dude.  The first week or so that we were home he was so laid back that I actually thought something might be wrong.  I called Ben and told him I was going to call the doctor because I thought he was being too quiet and all around just too good.  Haha, that makes me laugh now as he is no longer the quietest baby ever.  He definitely cries more often and even when he is fast asleep he is grunting and squirming and making a ruckus which makes it hard for Ben and I to catch solid zzz's in between feedings.

He is very awake and alert during the day giving us big gassy smiles and cooing all day long.  He sleeps longer between feedings at night which was a nice surprise since Charlie had his days and nights all kinds of confused for the 1st couple months.

I breastfed for the first 3 weeks and was hoping to go longer but developed an enlarged milk duct that leaked into my breast tissue and then my bloodstream which gave me a super high fever and flu like symptoms for a couple days. TMI? Sorry.  I was supposed to pump every hour to relieve the symptoms and at that point it was just easier to pump exclusively which is what I plan to do now for the next 11 months. 

His favorite activities include but are not limited to eating, being held while waiting to eat, car rides, watching big bro play and talk to him, snuggling, and most recently watching fans and tummy time!  Oh yes, and he's also found his thumb and enjoys sucking it every now and then:)

Charlie is doing very well with "his baby" as he calls him. He is still a little skeptical about holding him but boy does he love to kiss, and rub noses and cheeks and just all around snuggle him.  I am most excited to see this little brother bond grow:)

It's been a month full of love,  we are so happy to have this sweet little boy in our lives!

Happy one month, Brad.  We love you!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My days

Right now my days are very mundane, I'm still trying to find our flow and because there is a pile of bottles that need washed and a squirmy baby laying next to me that is ready to eat again I only have time to share a few pictures I took yesterday of my boys (I love saying that- my boys).  I promise I'll be back with more normal posts that actually have words to read but for now this is all I've got!  Enjoy!

Also, If you're a "Momarazzi" like me then you'll love this book My Mom Snaps.  It's just too cute not to share! I think kids (especially ones with crazy moms like me who are ALWAYS taking pics) can really relate to it!


Monday, August 3, 2015

So far, so good

First things first, thank you for all the well wishes on our newest addition!  We are so obsessed with him!  Also, for now we're "The Coen and Beau Show" (until another little Reeder joins us) so don't forget to reset your bookmarks! 

It's been two weeks since Brad was born and things are going a lot smoother than I anticipated.  Ben and I were in beast mode at work for weeks leading up to Brads arrival and we were both nervous that we would lose momentum after the baby came that I pretty much told Ben to not take any time off.  Sounds crazy, I know but things are going really well!  Charlie is at that age where he is a big help and Brad is very low maintenance- recipe for success:)  The hardest part of my day is getting ready to leave the house.  Just when I think we are ready to go Brad throws up all over himself and Charlie has to go potty or decides to have a melt down because he can't find his hat.  Other than that- so far, so good! 

Since I'm not at work all day I have plenty of time to take an ungodly amount of pictures of #thedude and #radbrad.  I have to consciously remind myself that I just posted a picture this morning so I better hold off another day before I post again in fear people will start getting annoyed. lol  Here on the show though, I can post as I please...