Monday, September 28, 2015

Our weekend

My grandma passed away earlier this month and this past weekend we had a lovely service and celebration in her honor complete with a messaged balloon release.   The day was beautiful.

Gram was everything a grandmother should be only much much more.  I am so thankful for all the time I had with her, it was filled with so much love and I'm also thankful for the time she and my children got to spend together. Although we can no longer see her with our eyes or touch her with our hands, we will feel her in our hearts forever.  We love you, Gram!

The rest of our weekend was pretty laid back.  If you follow on Instagram you saw we had to start the process of interviewing new builders after a terrible tragedy struck our old builder's family.  We did make a decision this weekend on who we are going to go with now though. We have encountered a lot of bad luck I guess you could say with our property but we are determined to keep pushing forward.  Besides, I think it's a blessing in disguise because after seeing some of their spec homes I really love the all around vibe and style of the new builder and think they are a much better fit for us!  #thirdtimesacharm Right?!

  Laundry, grocery shopping, toddler chasing and football watching were also on the docket this weekend and after almost 7 years of pestering him, I finally got Ben to get a pedicure with me on Sunday!  And he didn't hate it! Yay!  Next on my list is to get him to take a yoga class with me, I'll let you know in 7 years how that goes! Haha!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Two Months New

Brad started two months off with a Bang, the past four nights he has slept a solid 12 hours!  Yeah, I said it, 12 hours!  He's so happy in the morning when he wakes up and has the cutest little bags under his eyes from a long nights sleep.  This No Rest for the Rad shirt has been in my shopping cart for awhile now but I don't even think I'm going to get it anymore because we are totally getting rest these days!

Mornings and nights are our jam right now, that's when Brad is happiest and snuggliest so that's usually when Charlie and I get all our cuddles in.  Charlie loves singing his ABC's to him and playing This Little Piggy.  He loves tickling him, holding his hand, whispering secrets in his ear and holding the bottle while he eats.  He still never wants to hold him though, I'm always asking if he wants to and his reply is always the same... "Ah, no thanks. You do it mom."

Schedule wise, we feed him 4oz. every 2 hours or so.  We don't really have any set schedule for naps we just let him take little cat naps all throughout the day.  We do try to have both boys in bed around 8pm though.  Before these past couple nights Brad was waking up to eat around 3am and then sometimes again around 6am before waking up for the day around 9am.  Now he sleeps through the night until 8am or later.  He used to coo and grunt and just be really noisy when he slept but he is much more peaceful now.  At first I thought I would be able to get more sleep since he isn't making a ruckus but I find myself worrying a little more about if he's breathing or not since he's so quiet.  Either way, nights are really good right now and I hope it lasts but we all know how that goes...

Brad loves when we talk to him, his eyes light up and his little arms and legs start flailing around as he smiles and coos back to us.  He loves being on his belly for tummy time and naps.  He loves watching fans, swinging in the mamaroo and rocking outside on my moms porch swing.  He also enjoys bath time.  Charlie hated baths as a newborn so it's nice to have a baby that isn't kicking and screaming while I'm trying to wash him!  We give him baths in our bathroom sink right now.  We just roll up a towel and lay him on it but I need to look into getting something that goes in the tub because it's too hard to do it myself, I need Ben to hold him while I wash. I think I'm going to get this bath seat that way both boys can be in the tub together and I can cut bath time in half!

Two months have flown by and each day gets easier and easier.  
You are the perfect addition to our family, Brad and we love you so!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Baby Gear Part 2

Bla, I missed another week of blogging!  I had a nasty cold and then Ben and Charlie got it and even Brad has a stuffy nose now.  None of us are 100% better but we're getting there. Being sick is the worst x10 when you have kids because all you want to do is lay around and relax but that's IMPOSSIBLE!

Anyways, now that I've had some time to try out my new baby gear I thought I'd share my thoughts on a few!
First off, I really love the hat and nursing/car seat cover. Both are awesome and Brad looks so cute in that hat!  If you follow me on Instagram you've seen some cute pictures of Brad using them:)

This particular baby carrier I was not a huge fan of. It wasn't a one size fits all and maybe I bought the wrong size but it fit awkwardly and I didn't feel like trying to exchange it so I went with the Boba Wrap which is a cheaper wrap that was recommended to me and I definitely liked it better!  I wear it at home and out shopping and Brad loves being in it!  It was perfect for our recent trip to Ikea too.  P.S. Did you hear they are building an Ikea here in Cleveland!?

My "not a diaper bag" diaper bag works well too!  It's funny how much crap you pack in a diaper bag with your first kid and then your second kid comes and you're lucky if you remember to pack a diaper!  I use this as my purse/diaper bag because I really don't pack much for Brad these days.  He gets some diapers, wipes, an extra onesie and some bottles- that's it!

We started off rocky with the Mamaroo, really any kind of baby seat wasn't working for us because Brad wanted to be held 24/7.  I stuck with it though and he is finally coming around to it!  I even found his sweet spot combo,  Tire swing (medium speed) and Bach (reminds him of being in the womb). That's his jam right now!

Other note worthy baby products: The Britix Backseat Mirror I love!  I don't know why I never got one for Charlie but it puts my mind at so much ease while driving!  The Natursutten Natural Pacifier's are totally awesome too!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall(er) type weather! XO

Friday, September 4, 2015


Ben took last week off to spend some time with the family:)  We wanted to spend some one on one time with Charlie so we took him to the Cleveland Aquarium and a fun petting zoo called Wagon Trails.  Here are a few pictures from our trips!

After leaving both places we laughed to each other about how Charlie is definitely our child.  He had so much fun but when it came to petting the animals like the stingray or camels he was not feeling it.  I thought maybe if Ben or I pet them he would be more inclined to, except neither of us wanted to pet them either!  Ha!  We aren't a very daring bunch!

In other news, Brad had his one month well visit last week.  Big Bad Brad came in hot at 13lbs. 24in. and is in the 98th percentile!  Say what!?

We basically have a two year old as big as a four year old and a one month old as big as a four month old!  #reederboysrule

Happy Weekend, Friends!