Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin + Apple Picking

We took the worlds fastest trip to the apple orchard on my birthday last week to pick apples and pumpkins.  I made a rookie mistake and forgot to bring a bottle for Brad.  Right as we were finishing up picking our apples he started getting hangry and as soon as I reached for my bag it hit me that I never packed his bottles. Hashtag momfail. We flew through the rest of our trip and sped home before Brad had time to completely loose his shit.  Charlie had so much fun while it lasted and I think we're going to take him back seeing as how he was such a trooper!

Happy Halloween!!  Can't wait to see all the little kids in their costumes and share Charlie and Brad's next week too! XO

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brad Is Three Months New

This guy is still sleeping through the night like a boss (insert praying hands emoji here)!  He's not a light sleeper either, nothing wakes this kid up.  He's a little army crawler in his crib at night. I lay him down one way and in the morning he is in a completely different spot!
He all of a sudden doesn't enjoy being in his car seat like he used to which is very inconvenient seeing as how we have a lot of long car rides during the week to my moms house.  Charlie is so sweet with him in the car.  He reaches over and tries to rub his hand or rock his car seat and says "It's ok, Bad.  We're almost to Gram's house."
Despite my efforts he loves to suck his thumb.  Charlie was a finger sucker (still is) by three months and I think Brad is following suit.  I was really pushing the pacifier with Brad because you can eventually take those away.  We have tried all different kinds but nothing satisfies him like his thumb (or Ben's pinky finger).  Breaking the finger sucking habit has proven to be very difficult with Charlie so I really didn't want to go down that road again but here we are:)
Brad still loves to be held and cuddled. He loves watching Ben and Charlie wrestle around and he really loves when Charlie talks to him.  He prefers to be siting up and likes when everyone is on his level.  He is starting to take interest in toys and his hands and feet too.
His happy place is in the tub with his big bro.  He loves the water more and more with each bath and he doesn't even care if Charlie splashes water all up in his face. He is right there with him kicking and splashing and cooing up a storm!  

His smiles light up a room, he smiles with everything he's got and you can't help but smile right along with him!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Ours is packed with Halloween parties and celebrations... Happy Anniversary, Ben!  Four years, two babies, a whole lot of love and we're just getting started!  I love you!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Favorites- Mama Addition!

Charlie, Brad and myself caught another cold last week, bla!  Nothing crazy, just congested and germ-y.  I swear I can't adult when I'm feeling all stuffed up and foggy which means no blogging either.  I'm going to make up for it though and blog double time this week so keep an eye out for another post in a few days!
I digress.  
In the past I used to post my season favorites for Charlie and I (which I totally let get away from me) and I'm going to start again so I'm kicking it off with a Mama Addition!:) 

The dress and sweatshirt are both super cheap right now at H&M!  I heart transitional pieces like these that you can literally wear all year round!  When I find cute, comfy and affordable ones like these I get um in every color! 
Ben and I just bought the Linenkugal's fall variety pack and the Pumpkin Shandy was a home run for sure.  I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed with all their "Shandy's"!!
Blanket scarves are all the rage right now and rightfully so!  I have two of them and they are literally the size of a blanket.  I love how obnoxiously huge and chunky they look when you wear them!  They are also perfect for nursing moms to use as a cover up as well!

Also, if you're not really a beer drinker but you want to still feel festive add a shot of Captain Morgan to your apple cider (hot or cold)!  I had a few of those bad boys last week and they were delicious!

Okay so this has nothing to do with fall but it is my favorite!  If you haven't seen this Nail Salon clip it is hilarious!  No matter how many times I watch it it gets me every time! Every. Damn. Time. lol

Hope everyone has a great week and I'll be back soon:)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween Swag + Fall Fun

Happy October! Yay!  With my Anniversary, Birthday and Halloween, this month is by far my most favorite month of all!  Not to mention all the fun fall activities to do this month and the fact that this month kicks off the holiday season, how can you not get totally jazzed?!

I wanted to round up some of my favorite Halloween swag.  Sorry it's only boy stuff (ha, it's all I know)!  I'm actually thinking about starting a boys Fashion Friday post for each season.  Everyone always says there's a ton of cute clothes for girls and nothing for boys but I'm starting to disagree and think it would be fun to share new outfits and kids clothiers that I've found and love.  Anyways, here are some fun Halloween finds!

Skeleton Jams | Slippers | Scary Tee | Socks | Cape | Mask

I also thought I'd share some fall activities that aren't your standard pumpkin patch and apple picking outings and also won't break the bank!  Enjoy!

Rainbow Leaf Scavenger Hunt- A challenge to collect leaves of different colors to complete a rainbow!
Fall Nature Scavenger Hunt- Print this nature inspired scavenger hunt list, bring a bag and head to the the park (or your backyard) for a fun fall adventure.

Spooky Treats-  Grab a bag of  Edible Eyes or Make Your Own and add them to snacks.  Super easy and super fun!

Indoor Playground- FREE play at Playground World!  Now that the weather is cooling down outside, inside play at Playground world is a perfect way to let your toddlers blow off some steam for a few hours and I promise employee's won't bug you to buy something.  Just give your local store a call to find out when they hold their open play hours!

Happy kick off to the most wonderful time of the year:)