Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our Easter 2016

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter!  Even though Brad was still sick we had another great holiday with friends and family.  We kicked off the week baking some fun bunny cookies.  Charlie loved them and really just loves helping out in the Kitchen and it's so cute when he asks "Let's make a recipe!?"  

I had a nice dinner with girlfriends on Friday night and then on Saturday Ben took Charlie to a family Easter party to decorate eggs while I got the boys baskets ready.


Charlie was so excited to find a trail of eggs leading him to his Easter basket Sunday morning.  After he tore through his basket he waited as patiently as he could for Brad to wake up so he could show him what the Easter bunny brought!  I think he has just as much fun helping Brad go through his goodies as he does going through his own.  He is such a good big bro!  We headed to my moms for dinner and to see what the bunny left for them there.  Then after Charlie hunted for his Easter eggs we headed to Ben's parents for another egg hunt with Ben's brother's kids.

After a bath the boys got to stay up past their bedtime going through all their new candy, toys and books. They were so worn out they slept in a few extra hours Monday morning (Score!).  We're drowning in plastic eggs and chocolate now but we had so much fun!

Be sure to stop back next Monday for a post you won't want to miss!  I'm teaming up with one of my favorite Etsy shops to bring all my friends, family and followers a special offer!  Can't wait! XO 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happy Eight Months, Brad

Little Dude turned 8 months on Monday!  I'm a little late posting aaaand he's sick, whoa whoa.  My mom had the flu and didn't realize it while she was watching them last week.  We made it through the weekend without any of us getting sick so I thought we were in the clear but Monday night Brad threw up and had a high fever.  Now his fever is gone but he has a bad cough and is very congested.  Even though he hasn't been on his A-game he's still in good spirits.   Did you know they make Emergen-C for kids?  Charlie has been drinking one a day since the weekend and hasn't gotten sick!  Also, I didn't see this until after Brad got sick but Zarbee's Naturals has an immune support supplement for babies and children.  What a great idea to give your kids a dose before a party or holiday when you know they might be around someone with a cold or the flu!  I also jumped on the Neti Pot band wagon this weekend and am feeling great.  After you get over the drowning sensation it's not that bad. Ha!  

Now to the good stuff.  Brad crawled right in to eight months, literally. Dudes a crawler now!  Gone are the days of setting him down and knowing if you look away for a second he'll still be where you left him.  And, as you can see, getting him to lay still for these pictures is near impossible!  Ahh, it's only a matter of time before he's climbing out of his crib and heading to the kitchen to fix himself breakfast. haha!

He loves to be rocked, sang to and read to.  He loves peak-a-boo, snagging Charlie's toys when he's not looking and slobbering all over them.  He loves to clap, pat and yell as loud as he can.  He loves standing, when you say "Yay for the Baby!!" and watching Mickey Mouse in the morning with his brother. 

His favorite food is beef sticks!  Actually they're turkey but we call them beef.  He LOVES them!  In the evening while I get dinner ready Brad hangs in his Bumbo seat on the kitchen island and gnaws on a beef stick or two.  I think he would be happy with beef sticks for every meal but some of his other favorites are sweet peas, carrots and so far he hasn't met a fruit he doesn't like.  
Happy eight months, Brad!  You fill our days with so much joy!

Hope everyone has a happy Easter weekend! 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Saint Patrick's Day fun

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my fellow Irishmen and women!  St. Patty's Day looks very different for me these past couple years.  I've traded in my green beer for Starbuck's coffee and Robek's green smoothies and I wouldn't change it for the world.

We made rainbow toast which was a big hit!  Just add some food coloring to milk and then paint the milk on white bread and toast it.  Charlie was so excited to eat his creation that he scarfed half an un-toasted one down when I wasn't looking. Haha, gross!  

I put together a lucky seven list of some fun and easy St. Patrick's Day activities to do with the kiddo's today- that is if you aren't already downtown enjoying kegs and eggs!  

Green Pasta with white Alfredo Sauce
This is on the menu for dinner tonight. If you don't have time to buy green pasta and alfredo sauce just add green food coloring to the water before you boil the noodles and here is the BEST and easiest homemade alfredo sauce recipe ever!

 I've made these in the past.  They are so easy and fun for little ones to make and eat!

Feeling lucky once again to be out numbered by the cutest little boys and an amazing man in my life!Hope everyone has so much fun today!  If you're out drinking be safe and take an Uber home, Please!  
Erin Go Bragh!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Easter Goodies

Hola amigas! We are back from Punta Cana and feeling muy relajado!  What a true vacation it was.  Four nights of uninterrupted sleep, five days of nothing but relaxation on the beach, beautiful weather and the food was delicioso!  So glad to be home with my babies though:)

I rounded up some fun Easter basket goodies that will be making their way into the dude and the littlest's baskets this year.  I don't do a lot of candy so I'll be hitting up the dollar section at Target for Easter egg fillers. Charlie is already so excited for the Easter bunny to come and he wants him to bring a stuffed Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh for his basket. Now I'm on the hunt and hope I can find one in time!

Also for little girls, how perfect is this Glitter bunny pillow!?  And these bunny ears, so cute!   You can check out last years Easter basket goodies here.
Hope everyone had a great week!  We plan on getting some spring cleaning done this weekend.  Warmer weather is on it's way so we'll definitely be opening the windows to let fresh air in and playing outside:)