Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fall Favorites

I'm so excited October is almost here!  My most favorite month of all and we get to kick it off by celebrating one of my dear friends weddings.  I'm off work tomorrow but before I sign off for a long weekend I wanted to share a few fall favorites.  These are wardrobe staples for mama and little dude mini's.   Not included are massive amounts of pumpkin spice in the form of candles and lattes.  

Baby (here & here)  Mama (here, here & here)  Toddler (here, here & here)

I was so obsessed with the short sleeve marle one piece from gap that I had to get the long sleeve version for this winter.  It's cozy, versatile and pairs perfectly with these little moccs.  Speaking of the marle one piece, look at baby Charlie in it. He was just a few months older than Brad is now and from this angle I swear they look like twins!  I'm so thankful that my babies have chubby cheeks, they make for the best smooches.

I'm really loving the dark cranberry color this season.  I scored the cutest pair of maroon side zip pants from TJ Maxx last week and when I found these awesome tunics I bought one in every color.  I also LOVE my ballet flats.  They are the cutest, any way you wear them and *bonus* they're on sale right now.  Also, Lincoln Park After Dark is an oldie but a goodie.  It's been my go to fall nail color since foooor-eeevvv-eeerr.
I'm always trying to buy the boys clothes at the end of the season when they are on sale to have for the following season so I actually got a few of these long sleeve tee's for Charlie earlier this year. I love Crew Cuts.  It's great quality, they are always running some kind of discount code and shipping is always free for the little's! 
Now can someone come over and take some pictures of the dudes and I in our fall outfits?!  Have a great weekend, friends!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Friday and Happy Fall

We are so happy it's Friday around here.  I have been home all week with the boys because Brad landed in the hospital on Monday after the antibiotics he was on just weren't working.  He ended up having to have the infection surgically drained.  Having to have him under anesthesia was so nerve wrecking and seeing an IV in his little hand just killed me.  Brad hated being hooked up to an IV too.  He would wheel the stand to the corner of the room and yell at it to stay there and then turn around and walk away.  When he realized it was following him he would get so pissed and wheel it back to the corner and start yelling at it all over again.
He did great during his stay though and from the moment we got home he was back to his old smiley, happy self.  I'm so grateful for mine and Ben's job that allows me to be home and do all my stay at home mom duty's like taking the kids to their doctors appointments and taking a week off without having to answer to anyone or feeling financial stress from the time off. I'm grateful for our friends and family for sending all their love and I'm thankful the knots in my stomach are finally going away!  We are all ready to put these past few weeks behind us.  
My best friend is home from Nashville this weekend so I'm super excited to get out of the house and have a few cocktails and girl talk.  There is something to be said about spending time with friends after a long rough week, it's good for the soul.  TGIF and happy fall, ya'll!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Brad's Update

Thank you to every who reached out to check on Brad.  We are still laying low but I thought I'd pop in for a quick update.  My poor baby has had such a rough week and still has a long road to go before he'll start feeling better.  As I mentioned earlier, I took him to the doctors last Friday because he had a high fever + rash on his bottom and we thought it was hand foot and mouth.  Over the weekend the rash got worse and developed into painful sores so I took him back on Tuesday and found out it was a staph infection.  I felt terrible.  I headed straight to the pharmacy after his appointment to pick up his antibiotics and realized I had forgotten my wallet, Ben was in a meeting so my mom had to come meet me to pay for the prescription.  Then since it had been forever since I've had to get a prescription filled they didn't have my insurance on file.  I felt like nothing was going right and was so worked up while waiting, one of the pharmacists (a sweet old lady) could tell I wasn't feeling well.  As soon as she asked if I was okay I burst out in tears:(  Ugh.  We are going back to the doctors tomorrow morning to make sure he is healing properly, you just can't mess around with these types of infections. It's so hard to see him in pain and not feel sick myself so here's to hoping the weekend brings brighter days.  Thanks for thinking of us and I hope everyone is having a great rest of the week. XO

Friday, September 9, 2016

Our Labor Day Weekened

Our weekend was not as relaxing as I had hoped.  We had something planned every day so we were running none stop. We headed up to the lake and were hoping to take a boat ride but the waves were pretty high and the weather was a little too chilly to take the big boat out so we let Charlie take the little boat out in the channel to learn to drive it.  He had a blast!  We had my uncles 50th birthday party on Sunday and then we headed to the Geauga county fair on Monday.  My mom had our stroller and the wagon didn't fit in our car so Ben and I had to take turns carrying Brad, all 27lbs. of him.  It was hot as hell and we were a sweaty mess but the boys had fun so that's all that matters, right?  Brad woke up with a fever on Tuesday so we laid low and finally got some rest.  I thought the fever was from his molars coming in but he still had it as of this morning so I took him in to see our pediatrician today.  Turns out he has hand, foot and mouth virus.  Ironically he has no rash on his hands, feet or mouth just on his butt.  It seems to be on its way to getting better so we didn't need an antibiotic, just lots of fluids, diaper cream and extra lovin'.  That's all we have planned for today, lot's of snuggles. Here's a few scenes from our weekend.


Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy September and happy Fri-yay! I'm looking forward to the long holiday weekend ahead.  We have a birthday party and are headed to the lake but other than that I'm looking forward to relaxing.  I feel like I have been running non-stop lately with the kids, friends, work and house stuff so I am really hoping to unplug for the next few days.  But first coffee, I mean Friday Favorites!

As much as I LOVE moccs, I feel like they are more of a summer shoe so with fall fast approaching I got Brad his first pair of tennis shoes.  I was pumped when I realized that we didn't have to get Stride Rites because Brad's feet aren't as thick as Charlie's were so we went straight for these Nikes.  Baby Nikes are just the cutest!
I have been looking for a cute leather tote and finally found this fold over Kate Spade! I'm so in love with it.  I was sold once I saw the inside, hot pink with lots o' pockets!  It's the perfect size to throw a diaper or sippy cup in if I need to and the crossover strap is super useful for when I have to carry Brad and hold Charlie's hand.

I love the Oliology lip balms.  I was using Burt's Bees for a long time but when I tried the Oliology I fell in love.  The texture is smoother and the smell (I've been using the vanilla) is way better than BB.  Plus it's 100% all natural. Win Win:)

House planning is becoming a little more fun.  I haven't shared as much as I thought I would at this point because it's been headache after headache and no one wants to hear about my drama.  Nor do I feel like rehashing it all here but I promise, as it gets more fun I will share more.  We just picked out most of our lighting and I found these beautiful chandeliers (here & here) for the dining room.  I love them both so much I can't decide.  I think I'm going to go with a round dining table so I feel like the round one would go well with it but I really love the rectangle one and think the contrast would look great too. Help!

Have you guys seen this Minivan Parody!?  I was dying when I saw it.  This has been an ongoing conversation with Ben and I about what my next car will be.  I am fighting the minivan option hard core.  I test drove a Traverse the other day and I love it because it's just a bigger version of my Equinox so it drives similarly but it has the third row seating which we will definitely need one day. If it were up to Ben I would be a minivan mom and the video totally supports his case!

And because my kids are my all time favorite... I was making dinner the other night when I hear Charlie laughing and singing "Brad hit the jackpot! Brad hit the jackpot!" over and over.  They were on the other side of the kitchen island so I couldn't see what was going on.  I asked Charlie what was so funny and he says "Nothing!" then I hear him whisper to Brad " Don't worry buddy, I'll clean it up."  I walk around the island and see Brad in a sea of crackers and Charlie hastily swiping them away and shoving them in his mouth before I could see how big the mess really was.  We all burst out laughing at the same time.
I seriously love my little brunette and blondie so much!  They are turning into quite the little partners in crime duo!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! XOXO