Monday, November 21, 2016

Our Family Is Growing!

We are so excited to share that Charlie & Brad will become big brothers to our littlest baby Reeder, due in June 2017!
I went back and re-read my pregnancy announcement from when I was pregnant with Brad and I feel the exact same way this pregnancy- miserable.  So nauseous and queasy 24/7 but this time around I've been vomiting and have terrible lower back pain, both of which I never experienced with my prior pregnancies.  I've always heard that a sick mama means a healthy baby so I really can't complain.  Just a few short weeks and I'll be out of the first trimester and I'm hoping all my nasty symptoms will be gone too.
We are going to find out the gender this time around!  Some say when you find out the gender you are able to bond quicker and easier with the baby.  I didn't find out with Charlie or Brad but I still felt a strong bond to them, I'm excited to see if I feel any different knowing this time.  Plus, with the new house I'll be able to give this baby a proper nursery, something neither of the boys really had.
Ben and I will officially be outnumbered next summer with three kids! (insert nervous face emoji here) But we are so happy and thankful to become a family of 5!  To say we are excited is an understatement.  We are over the moon and so in love and can't wait to meet our newest member!
Hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Eve, Charlie Beau!

It's hard to believe my first little baby will be four years old tomorrow.  It's true time flies when you're having fun but I also think time flies when you're in love & I couldn't be more in love with this child of mine.  
Charlie is my little charmer.  He knows how to butter me up to get exactly what he wants.  I literally cannot say no to this kid, partly because I want to reward him for being so well behaved and the other part because he's so damn cute.  
Day after day he amazes us with his kind and patient spirit towards his little brother.  Brad loves him so much and I'm so proud of the role model Brad has in him.
Charlie is obsessed with drawing and coloring right now and it's been so fun to watch his creative side.  In a matter of weeks he went from scribbling all over the paper to drawing faces and coloring inside the lines.  He is also obsessed with "building houses".  He gathers all his materials i.e. blocks and toy odds and ends then builds little houses for all his figurine guys.  You can imagine how excited he gets to go to our house while it's being built.  He brings his tools and pick axe and loves to dig and help wherever he can.  We let him pick out his bedroom and he loves going up to check on his rooms progress.  He is just as excited as we are for the big move.
What an amazing year it's been, Charlie but I have a feeling 4 will be your best year yet!

We are celebrating his birthday with our families this weekend.  Cake & ice cream, presents and Disney Live!  He's so excited and so are we!
To our sweetest little boy that made us parents four years ago, we love you more than you will ever know.  Happy Birthday!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Favorites

The official countdown to Thanksgiving is on and I know November is going to fly by as fast as October did. We are over here enjoying all these warmer than usual fall days all while listening to festive Christmas music which is totally contradicting each other!  I've got some fun Friday Favorites to share today, enjoy!

Sweater weather is upon us and there's two sweaters that I'm so in love with right now.  This animal print pull over sweater is the cutest, super cheap and goes great with anything.  I'm also in love with this super cozy sweater.  I purchased this one a size larger than I usually wear to give it a more casual feel instead of a slim fit.  Love!

My friend got me this candle for my birthday and it has quickly become my favorite candle ever!  It smells sweet, fresh and floral-y.  And the jar is just beautiful!  I seriously have the sweetest most thoughtful friends a girl could ask for.  My girlfriends are on my favorites list all year round;)

This weather has me craving comfort food so when I came across this sandwich on Pinterest I was like, Yes Please! Sloppy joe grilled cheese?  How have I never heard of this before?!  Anyways, it's brilliant and I can't wait to try it!

J.Crew has some of my favorite shirts for the boys on sale right now including the ones pictured below.  I just snagged this one and this one on sale last week for Charlie too.  So cute.  Nothing for Brad though, he gets the hand me downs-wha wha.

Hope everyone has the best weekend! XO

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!  I seriously love seeing all your little ones dressed up on social media and I especially love seeing all the family costumes. There were some really clever ones this year!  
We had another fun year.  We took the boys over to my mom's house like we do every year.  This was Brad's first time trick or treating and he loved it.  He followed big bro's lead and kept right up with him for about six houses, then he was ready to head back to my mom's to help pass out candy.  Charlie got a kick out of showing Brad the ropes. "C'mon Brad, yell trick or treat!" "Hold your bucket out, Brad!" He was such a good little helper but as soon as Brad was back at my moms it was game time for Charlie. He was on a candy collecting mission running from house to house for an hour.  Then when his bucket was filled to the brim he was ready pack it in.
Seeing my little dragons trick or treating together just melted my heart.  I know there aren't too many more Halloweens where they will dress up the same or even want to go trick or treating with each other so I was busy soaking up these sweet moments. Happy Halloween from this Mother of Dragons to you!

Happy November! Now Bring on the Christmas music! XO