Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bump Boxes

Now that everyone knows about my bun in the oven I can share this awesome collaboration with Bump Boxes, a monthly subscription box exclusively for expecting moms through every stage of pregnancy and beyond!
How it works:  Head over to, choose a monthly subscription or buy a single box that fits your needs.  Enter your due date and they will customize your box with 4-8 safe and healthy pregnancy essentials that match up with your trimester.  How easy and fun is that?
Love something that came in your box?  Search through their shop tab to find the products you love and buy more of just that product.   
Not pregnant?  These make the perfect gift for your expecting friends and family.  Not just during the holidays but any time! You could also search through their shop tabs and purchase products to make up your own gift bag.

I really love trying all the new products they send, most are products I wouldn't get to try otherwise.  It's always a good mail day when I see my pink Bump Box has arrived!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas this weekend, love the Reeders!
*I received the featured products complimentary for review and promotional purposes.  All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Favorites

I hope everyone's weekend went by way slower than mine and started off better too.  I had the crappiest start to my weekend on Friday, I had left work a little early to stop at Giant Eagle to get some gift cards and some wine for my girlfriends birthdays that I was meeting up with later that night for dinner.  Got to the check out line and couldn't find my keys to scan my GE card.  Realized I had locked them in my car and when I went to call the police department to have someone unlock it for me found out my phone was D.E.A.D. dead.  The lovely ladies at the costumer service desk let me use the phone to call the police-who informed me that this was a crazy Friday night and all the accidents would take precedence over my locked car keys(annoying but totally understandable).  To call AAA- who after spending a significant amount of time on the phone with them verifying information and what not informed me that it would take about 3-4 hrs to send someone out (WTF!).  And my dear husband- who was an hour away but said he would come to my rescue.  As I reached over the costumer service desk to hang up the phone I knocked over the two bottles of red wine I had just purchased and they shattered all over the floor right in front of two young kids and their mom, one of which was startled so bad she started crying (FML).  For an hour and a half I stood at the front of the store praying I wouldn't see anyone I knew, wondering why the bench outside in the freezing cold was the only available seating as my pregnant aching back was killing me and wishing I could pop open one of those bottles of wine and chug away.  I did keep busy by counting how many people actually gave money to the Salvation Army bell ringer until Ben got there.  I empathized with her standing there in the cold and when I left gave more than I usually do.  On the bright side I was only 20 minutes late to my dinner with the girls and by the end of the night I was laughing so hard I was crying.  I couldn't even tell you what I did the rest of the weekend, it flew by so fast.

Alas, it's a new week and a new day and I've got cute Christmas favorites to share.  

Those Blue knit hats are so soft and comfy and if baby boy number three where here this Chritmas he would totally be decked out in that gnome outfit.  How cute is that?!  The merry christmas tee has a matching one for Mama too!  I love all the Christmas clothes this time of year, I only wish they could wear them for more than just a few weeks.  That's why I love the blue PJs, they are perfect for the whole holiday season:)  

Hope everyone is having a great week, off Christmas shopping I go!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Boys Holiday Photos

First things first, THANK YOU for all your sweet comments and well wishes on baby number three!  We are definitely feeling the love over here and are so happy to give Charlie and Brad a little brother!  The more we think about the future and what three little boys will bring the more excited we get.  I can't wait to hear three sets of pattering feet coming down the steps Christmas morning, dressing them alike for as long as I can get away with it and you know I'm going to be THAT soccer mom.  So much to look forward to! 
Over the past few weeks I found out SEVEN of my friends and family are also pregnant, due in June and (even crazier) have my same exact due date, 6/11/17!  Only three of the seven have a different due date than me but still so close, two are on the 7th and the other is the 15th.  How fun is that?
I had a quick holiday photo session done for the boys a few weeks ago.  I wanted to use them for Christmas cards, our baby announcement and add to our collection for a gallery wall in our new home. I just love how they turned out!  They truly capture the silliness and love between these two boys.  I had a hard time choosing my favorites.  And can you tell how obsessed I am with varsity letter sweaters? #sorrynotsorry

We are ready to see Santa on the firetruck this Wednesday.  Hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Oh Boy!

Baby number three is as handsome as can be!

It's blue on blue on blue over here, can you believe it!  I love my sweet beautiful boys more than anything in the world and the thought of adding another one to our family just warms my heart.  Now that we know I feel a strong need to have a name picked out for him but so far no names are really sticking out.  Charlie and Brads names have such special and sentimental meaning to us but we were excited to now be able to just pick a name that we truly love.  The only problem is the names we really love we already used as their middle names, Beau and Coen.  So we are starting from scratch, it's gonna be a good one it just hasn't come to us yet:) 
I also can't wait to get planning a nursery!  We picked an awesome dark blue/gray paint color and decided to use it as an accent in all of the boys rooms.  The baby will get a bold stripe wall, Charlie will have a full painted accent wall and Brad will have all four walls half painted with a chair rail.  So fun!
We are so excited to know a little bit more about this baby inside me and can't wait to meet him!  We love you, little one!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Our Thanksgiving

I know I say this every year but this really was the best Thanksgiving to date!  You know it's a good one when you never take out your phone to take pictures, the only down side is now I don't have any to share. We headed to my moms house on Thanksgiving, I always look forward to her food.  She makes the best mashed potatoes ever, she must put crack in them or something because they are so addicting.  My sister literally eats a huge plate of mashed potatoes and corn as her meal, nothing else. haha
On Friday we put up or Christmas tree.  Charlie had so much fun decorating it until Tasmanian Brad woke up from his nap.  We had to keep the whole bottom half of the tree bare so he would stop ripping down glass ornaments and hulk smashing them together like he was one of those toy monkey's with the cymbals.  We kept our tradition alive and deep fried our turkey which turned out awesome but even better were our deep fried pickles!  Every time I go to a restaurant that has deep fried pickles I order them.  Our pickles were waaaay better than any restaurants I've ever had.  So delicious.
We rounded out our long weekend making a yummy ginger bread house and going to see Santa and Mrs. Clause.  The boys loved him!  Charlie couldn't wait to tell Santa that he wanted a Hatchimal (how the hell I'm getting my hands on one is beyond me).  And Santa blew Charlie's mind when he said he was sending Frankie (our Elf on a Shelf) to watch over him until Christmas. Charlie couldn't believe Santa knew our elf's name:)  It was a fun night for us all and now that I know how much the boys love him, I'm super excited for when Santa visits on the fire truck this year!

Happy December and Happy Holidays!