Friday, April 28, 2017

34 Weeks Bumpdate

How far along?  34 weeks

Total weight gain?  27 lbs.

Maternity clothes? Yes!

Stretch marks?  No

Sleep? Getting no sleep.  Sleep is for the weak.

Best moment this week? Little brother has a name!  Keeping it a secret though, sorry!

Worst moment this week? In general I'm in a lot of pain.  This pregnancy has been tough on my body.

Miss Anything? Cocktails 

Movement? So much pushing, especially on my ribs and bladder!

Food cravings? Coke, the hard stuff as we call it.  We don't usually drink pop.  When I'm not pregnant it tastes like syrup to me so we don't buy it or keep it in the house but lately whenever I'm out to lunch or dinner I order it and savor every sip.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Hard boiled eggs from Easter!  Keep that shit away from me!

Have you started to show yet? Oh yeah

Gender? Little brother bear

Labor Signs? Some Braxton Hicks contractions

Belly Button in or out? In but could pop out any minute I swear.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood? Annoyed.  Mostly at how much pain I'm in.  It's getting to me.

Looking forward to?  Snuggling a tiny baby soon:)

Thanks to all who entered my Freshly Picked Giveaway on Instagram (@reederandco)!  I can't announce yet but I was super excited to see someone I know win, that usually never happens:)  If you didn't win this giveaway don't worry!  Next month is Skin Cancer Awareness month and I've teamed up with SwimZip and their sister site Shedo Lane to bring you even more fun giveaways!  Hope every has a happy weekend!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Brother Updates

It's been awhile since I've shared updates on the boys at their current ages and stages.  I kick myself sometimes because I started this blog to document my babies and lately I feel like I've been sharing everything but.  They are growing so fast and getting so big but one thing never changes, they're still babies in my heart.

Charlie Beau, 4 years old, going on 14.  I get glimpses of both a toddler and a teenager several times a day.  He is obsessed with playing hide and seek and being chased.  I swear he yells "Come find me!" or "Come get me!" a hundred times a day.  His heart of gold shines brighter and brighter with each day.  He loves Brad with all his heart and isn't afraid to show it with big hugs and kisses or a random whisper of "I love you, Brad."  He is still very into all his stuffed animals and figurines which we have dubbed as his "guys".  He literally has a million of them and he tries to sleep with every single one of them at night or bring as many as his little arms can carry when we leave the house.  I can't believe he starts pre-school this fall.  Most moms would say that they think they are more nervous than their kid about starting school but I'm pretty sure Charlie is nervous enough for the both of us so I'm trying to stay strong.  Even though we still have over 4 months before he starts, I already get teary eyed when I think about it.   I can feel his anxiety when we talk about it and it just breaks my heart.  I'm confident though that once he starts and gets used to it he will absolutely love it!  He is my little lover, he can bring me to my breaking point and put a huge smile on my face all in the same minute!

Brad Coen, 1 year and just a few months shy of 2, is at the best stage ever.  The word burst stage!  This kid is talking up a storm, repeating everything and making up his own phrases that just crack us up!  He is Charlie's little shadow and his daily struggle is not being big enough to do some of the things Charlie can.  He just loves Charlie or as he calls him "Cha-dee!" so much!  He loves any animal that can fly or swim because they're "fee-eye-yin!" or "sf-immin!"  His favorite things (in no particular order) are bath time, eating off Charlie's plate, pushing on your nose and saying BOOP!, and holding hands.  He is the stealer & hider of phones, remotes and snacks.  The first one to yell "Hi!" and lights up the room with his smile!  He's another little lover and I could just eat him up!

Both boys have THE best belly laughs, love to wrestle with daddy and snuggle up every night before bed.  They are going to be the best big brothers! We love them to infinity and beyond!

Friday, April 14, 2017

5 Favorite Easter Treats

Happy Good Friday! By now you guys know how much I love making holiday treats with the boys.  I'm no Betty Crocker so I have to keep it simple and that usually means semi-home made. Last year we made these cute bunny cookies,  they were pre-cut so all we had to do was bake and frost!  
This year we made these little bird nests!  I took the original (super easy) ingredients: 

3 tbsp. butter
1 10 oz bag of marshmallows
6 cups of rice krispies

And made them even easier by using pre-made rice Krispies treats we already had.  I'm all about using the least amount of effort to get the same result.  They turned out perfect and Charlie loved them!  His favorite was the grass and Brad's favorite was the eggs:)  We weren't able to make it to our annual Easter party that Ben's mom and aunt host this year because Charlie was still feeling crumby from a fever, runny nose and cough he had last week.  It's when we usually color our Easter eggs so we plan on doing that today!  We're glittering them this year so that should be fun and not messy/stressful at all.
Looking for a fun and easy Easter treat to make with your littles this weekend?  I've rounded up my 5 favorites!  Don't they look so yummy!?

Picture via A Kailo Chic Life

Picture via Framed Frosting

Picture via Domestic Superhero

Picture via The Curvy Carrot

Bunny Pancakes

Hope everyone has a fun weekend and a very happy Easter! TGIF! XOXO

Friday, April 7, 2017

Kids Fashion Friday Featuring This Kid Clothing Co.

It's been awhile since I've done a Fashion Friday but the Reeder boys are so excited to join the This Kid Clothing Co. family as brand reps I just had to share. This Kid Clothing Co. has the most rad kids clothes, fun adult tees and so much more.  I was originally drawn to their original "This Kid." tee but once I saw all their cute styles and accessories I was hooked!  I've rounded up some of my favorites but it's so hard to choose. #Iwantitall  and if I had girls #gimmealltheshorties!
Check out their spring 2017 collection for my favorite This Kid. tees in pastel colors and also the cutest chevron & running wild collections.  Visit them on instagram @thiskidclothingco to stay up to date on new releases and special offers too!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! XO