Friday, August 11, 2017

Zac's 2 Month Update

It's been two months of snuggles with this chunky monkey!  He is growing like a weed at 17lbs and 26in. He's off the charts for both height and weight and definitely off the charts for cuteness!

I would say we are pretty well adjusted by now.  He's been consistently sleeping through the night this past week so I think it might be time to move him out of our room and into his.  I still wake up to pump in the middle of the night and I'm always scared I'm going to wake him up. I think being in his own room will help give him a peaceful nights sleep, I'm just nervous to have him so far away from me.   I've got the camera all set up and ready to go, I just need to make a move!

We are starting to see a little personality too!  He's been smiling and starting to coo and talk to us.  I'm looking forward to this next month as his interactions or more fun and playful!  Charlie especially loves talking to him now and trying to get him to smile.  He's such a good big brother and what a huge help he is!

He likes tummy time and has great neck and upper body strength.  He still has zero patience when he's hungry and gives zero f*$#'s if you have things you need to get done because he wants held, and walked with and rocked twenty four seveeeeeeeen.  I don't mind one bit though, I'll hold him forever.

Happy 2 months, Zac.  You rock our world!