Friday, February 9, 2018

Eight months of Zac!

Usually around this 8 month mark I'm whining about how fast my baby's growing up and how he's starting to look more like a toddler than a baby.  With Zac, he still feels very much like my little newborn baby.  I don't know if it's because he's not as mobile as the other two were at this point but I look at him and feel like he hasn't changed much over the last few months!
I'm fully aware of the fact that it doesn't help much that I baby the hell out of him!  This little guy is my sidekick for sure.  I lug his 25lbs. butt everywhere I go and I'm always holding him. Not because he wants or cries for me all the time but because he's my littlest and what if he's my last? I need to hold him, and kiss, and love him, and snuggle him and never let him go...right?!  No wonder why he's just now learning to sit on his own, I never put the poor kid down!

He's starting to come around more and more with bath time.  He still doesn't like it though. His body gets so tense once he hits the water and he's got this "Get me out of here look." on his face the whole time but at least he's not screaming and crying anymore!  Baby steps.

He is obsessed with the Boss Baby movie!  He will literally watch that whole movie in one sitting!  It's so funny too because he actually laughs at the funny parts and is very concerned during the sad parts!  And the fact that he looks just like the boss baby just cracks us up.

His favorite foods are yogurt, peaches and sweet potatoes.  We still can't find a food he doesn't like!

He's into EVERYTHING.  If you've got it, he wants it!  He's at that stage where he's grabbing your hair, necklace, drink, whatever's in reaching distance he's goin' for.  He also wants to give you those big open mouth slobber kisses all over your face which, in my opinion are the best!

He's ready to move out of his infant car seat so I plan on making that switch soon.  I've also packed away all his 12 mo. clothes as he is in the 18-24 mo. now!

He is the happiest and healthiest little guy and I could't ask for a better baby.  We love you, Zac!