Friday, March 30, 2018

Blue Hues

Spring is here and although it doesn't feel like it just yet warmer days ARE on the horizon.  I started going through the boys clothes to see what kind of warmer weather apparel Charlie is in the market for and what he and Brad can pass down.  I swear, these kids grow like weeds!  Charlie loves Ralph Lauren right now.  Not because they're name brand but he really loves the little polo guy and horse.  I hang most of his shirts on the bottom rack of his closet so that he can reach them to pick out his own outfits for school. One day I went in to his closet to put clothes away and noticed he had rearranged them, I asked him what the three separate groups of shirts where and his response was priceless.  "I divided them into play shirts, schools shirts and my favorite shirts (his polos)!"  He cracks me up!  Brad on the other hand would prefer to run around in his underwear.

I'm really loving all the indigo blue hues for this spring season.  It's a great fresh color and all boys look especially good in it.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you enjoy this nice long weekend with all the ones you love! XO