Friday, March 9, 2018

Zac is Nine Months New

Little buddy has been a dream baby this month!  So happy and full of love.  He wants hugs and kisses and all the snuggles he can get.  And he's becoming attached to his mama lately.  I love seeing his chubby little face light up when I walk in the room and his little arms and legs start reaching and kicking for me.  So sweet!
We started baby led weaning (Ben hates that term) this month.  I'm trying to give him more and more table foods for him to figure out textures and tastes on his own.  This method always has me on high alert but it's also so fun to see him explore food.  Mostly by squishing and throwing it on the floor *insert girls shoulder shrug emoji here*!
We transitioned to his bath seat so he can sit up in the tub and it rocked his world.  He is absolutely in love with bathtime now that he see what's going on and play with his brothers.  His freshly washed and dried hair after a bath makes the cutest puff and reminds me a lot of Brad's hair when he was a baby.
He's able to get up on all fours and rock back and forth and he is getting better at standing while holding on to furniture too.  He loves walking in his walker and still uses his bouncer as a place to chill.  He has the Cadillac Finding Nemo bouncer of all bouncers and zero F's (and bounces) are given.  It cracks me up!
I seriously cannot believe it's almost time to start planning a first birthday party. Where does the time go!?  
Nine months new, oh how we love you! XOXO