Friday, May 11, 2018

Eleven Months with Zac

Here we are, less than four weeks and I'll have a one year old!  This kid totally surprised me this month with how mobile he is.  He went from worlds slowest crawler to Speedy Gonzales, pulling up on everything, climbing on everything and is very close to walking on his own!

For me, this stage is the hardest.  I really haven't done much baby proofing around the house.   We have a raised hearth fireplace and an open stairway to the basement (with a makeshift gate that I don't trust) that give me tons of anxiety. Zac is literally all over the place and wants to do all the things.  It's so stressful!  Gone are the days when I could put him in his little rocker or set him up on the floor and not have to worry while I ran to the restroom for point two seconds.  The worst is when I come back and I can't find him because he's hiding under a table or he's behind the couch or he let himself out the front door and wondered to the neighbors house!  Seriously though, I keep telling myself it will get better once he's good at walking.  I think I'll worry less, maybe not though, who knows!

He now has three teeth!  One on the top and two on the bottom.  They all came in at the same time within a week so that was fun.  The other top one is about to come through soon too!  No more gummy smiles for this little dude!

Right now he is just having the time of his life.  His hair is on point.  He loves to dance. He wants to eat whatever we're eating.  He still loves the bath and our little pool we set up on our back porch.  The boys, especially Brad make him laugh the hardest.  He loves them so much!  And I'm just over here trying to soak in all that I can of his first year.  It's flying by but we're having a blast!

Love you, Zachery Duke!