Friday, June 15, 2018

Zac's Twelve Months New!

I can't believe we're already here! I must say I've never been sad to see a first birthday come.  I've always been excited to see them move on to the next chapter but with Zac, I'm sad.  He is my best baby (in terms of sleeping/eating/fussiness) and the most lovable and I'm just so sad this stage is almost gone!
I know this post is late.  We took last week off work so that we could enjoy time together as a family for Zac's birthday:)  Earlier this month he took his first steps but the evening before he turned one he walked a good distance!  It was so cute how happy and proud of himself he was!  He's not a walker yet but he is well on his way!

Favorites: His favorite thing is to be held, cuddled and loved on.  He's just so lovable! Strawberries and yogurt are is favorite food and since he's teething he loves when I put frozen fruit in these Boon silicone feeders. The silicone is way better than the mesh ones and it feels so good on his gums!

Dislikes: Right now he really dislikes his irritated gums from teething.  He also really dislikes when you take the remote or your phone away from him.  Watch out, he gets mad!

Milestones:  First steps! Also, we are completely done with bottles.  Washing that last bottle was so liberating! I've always taken them away the day after their first birthday and with all three had no problems.  Just cold turkey done. Boom.  We're also done with baby food, no more purees.  Whatever we are having, he's having and we still haven't found a food he doesn't like!

Sleep: So good!  He is my best sleeper, always has been.  Every once in a blue moon he will wake up in the middle of the night and need me to rock him or give him a bottle but for the most part he self soothes and stays asleep from 8pm to around 7am!

What a year!  What a sweet boy!  We love you, Zachary Duke!