Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Formulate Giveaway!

Formulate has officially launched and I'm so excited that I get to partner with them and host an amazing giveaway!  
Formulate is a customized shampoo and conditioner completely tailored for YOUR hair.  This revolutionary hair care is a total game changer.  Actually, it's not just changing the game it's changing eeeverryythiiiinngg. 
Imagine being able to work with a team of professional hair care experts AND elite chemists to customize shampoo & conditioner not only on things your hair needs but also by factors that play a role in your hair's health like where you live.  How awesome would that be if they could formulate a product just for you from hair concerns all the way down to a scent you love and never using any sulfates, parabens or ingredients tested on animals.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  It's not! It's Formulate!

I can't wait to giveaway this awesome experience and entering is super easy!

Click Here To Enter
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Stay tuned to my IG stories (@reederandco) where I'll be showing you exactly what this customised experience looks like and how to use it.  
Giveaway will end on July 24 and winner will be announced within 24 hours.  Good Luck!
Want it now!?  Email me at and I'll send you a VIP early access code!
Happy Hump Day! XO

*This post is for promotional purposes but all opinions are my own.