Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Brad's THREE!

Yippee Brad's Three!  This wild child of ours celebrated his birthday with family a little over a week ago.  He requested cupcakes with his favorite color, blue frosting and eyeballs which he helped me whip up the morning of.  He is always eager to help in the kitchen but does way more sampling, snaking and mess making than actual cooking.  We got him a trampoline for his birthday but since we were headed out of town the next day we didn't get the chance to put it together for him to wake up to like I'd hoped.  He didn't care though, he was just so excited to have it!  He had such a fun day but I think his favorite part was getting to double up on desert since the ice cream truck showed up right after we finished eating cake and ice cream! 

Brad is our silliest and snuggliest little boy.  He has the best dance moves and even better ninja moves.  He loves dinosaurs, superheroes and Ninja Turtles.  He's got a wild imagination, an awesome vocabulary and a wicked natural faux hawk! Such a little sweetheart!  
All our love and Happy Birthday you crazy kid, you!