About Me

Hi, I'm Stephanie Reeder!  Born and raised in Northeast Ohio:)  My husband, Ben and I met while both working for a top rated, Fortune 500 financial company.  He, a Financial Advisor and me, a Marketing Coordinator.  We started dating in 2008 and got married in 2011.   Shortly after we got married I started working with him as his assistant in his practice.  We call our little office duo, Reeder and Co.

A year after we were married, in November of 2012, we had our first son, Charlie Beau.  When he was seven months I decided I wanted to start this little blog (Then titled The Charlie Beau Show) to document my growing family.

In July of 2015 came our second son Brad Coen and so The Coen and Beau Show was born:)

Now here we are!  Right in the middle of growing our family, building a new home and blogging it all along the way!
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